Thursday, November 8, 2007

WTF!! Is going on!!??

I apologize for the harsh words but seriously...WTF is going on in the toy industry? I was at the gym yesterday and was watching Fox news. They were talking about a possible toy recall--the toy, when ingested converts to the DATE RAPE DRUG!! (OMG) WTF!!!! It was just a preliminary recall and the news station said they were double checking and would report as soon as they found more information. Sure enough this morning while watching the news it was confirmed to me--Aqua Dots are being pulled from toy shelves everywhere and are being recalled. This is a toy Ali and Holly have been begging for for months. I was thinking about buying it for Christmas. WOW there goes that idea!

Now, I am not an expert or anything BUT the events from the last few months can not be good for the toy industry! With less then 2 months until Christmas, parents everywhere must be going out of their minds!! My husband and I have already told our children that they won't be getting many toys this year. Santa promised them 1 big toy and the rest will be clothing and things they really need. We thought about maybe buying a few more little toys but I am seriously not even tempted to buy ANY toys! This is insane!

I am going to be doing some research. Christmas shopping might be a longer process this year!

I don't know...MAYBE this will be everyone's chance to actually show children, the real meaning of Christmas instead of the commercialized version of Christmas! Hmmmm...


The Bayou Chica said...

I am right there with you on the toy situation. Even though my girls are 3 and 1, they are learning about all of the Christmas toy hype. Last year we decided they will only get 3 toys from Santa which 3 comes from the idea of the gifts the 3 wise men brought. So, there will be some sort of true meaning to Christmas involved.

The Bayou Chica said...

What song is that on your play list? I clicked the link, but it doesn't show your list.