Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu Plan Monday...

Thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday. Go and check out more great menus!.SO, it has been MONTHS since I have actually done a MPM. I so desperately need organization in my life. I was living *chaotically* for a while--and ate out WAY more then I like to admit. So, I organized my kitchen cabinets yesterday and made up a menu last night. AHH that is better! Still not completely satisfied but I am taking steps to making organization part of my life again. So what do I have planned for the week...hmm...

Monday: Honey Grilled Chicken, corn on the cob and salad might add some squash...
Tuesday: Creamy Roast Beef in crockpot with carrots and celery, mashed potatoes and asparagus
Wednesday: Chicken parm, angel hair pasta and veggies.
Thursday: Meatloaf, baked potatoes, green veggies
Friday: BBQ chicken, grilled sweet potatoes and apples, green veggies
Saturday: Pasta and chicken sauce. Veggies
Sunday: Whole Chicken in crockpot with roasted veggies

Have a great week and happy cooking!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some pictures from today...

The kids were cooperative for a split second today. It was enough to get a few good group shots and a few by themselves. Of course in the end, Mr. Chase wanted nothing to do with me taking pics of him by himself. Boo!

Probably could have done something with the saturation...I will have to play with the print version. Thanks for looking. Check out my photo a day blog as well!!

Alison being a ham...I love days like this!! Holly being her silly self! Charlotte just being the happy baby that she is!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Just a few days late :) Hope everyone has started the New Year off on a good note and that the year is a good one for you!

I have a few goals that I am working towards this year. I am determined to follow through...just hope that determination can pull me through the whole year! There really aren't a lot...I guess I could say as a whole, it is all about a healthy body...a total New Year's resolution cliche! BUT, I am not in it because I hate the way I LOOK...I literally hate the way I FEEL!

Getting in Shape: (so cliche!)

When I was in High School, I ran Cross-country, and Track and Field. I loved running, I loved working out. After I graduated and got a job and went to college I kinda lost that desire. I slowly got out of shape and well after 4 children...I can't say anything on my body that is in good shape! I want to be in shape again. I want to FEEL healthy again. I want to be able to wear my jeans again without a bulge hanging over and spilling out the sides of my shirts. I breastfed all my kids and never had problems losing the weight, until I had Charlotte. LOL. I have lost a little over 30lbs since having Charlotte. I still have about 20lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Which isn't bad. I am only 4 months post-partum. However, I went shopping for clothes the other day and it wasn't a fun shopping spree, my hands were empty leaving the stores. I am understanding that it isn't just losing the weight. I need to tone this body back up and get it in as good of shape that I possibly can. *I am turning 30 this year...I am not getting any younger---I think my mid-life crisis is hitting me early and I haven't seen the worst of it yet*.

So, my plan is to get back into running again. I set a goal for myself a few months back--to be able to run in a 10k by September. And I am going to add a 5k, in July. Going to start running again, working out again and of course eating more healthfully. I kinda slacked there during the holidays. No more excuses. I want to do this. Not only for myself but I want to set a good example for the kids. It can only help for them to see me taking care of myself.


There are a few issues I need to work myself through and hopefully, I can be *over it*. LOL. I guess it is always good to want to better yourself and change and grow. Trying to learn to let things from the past go and move on to be mentally healthy. Get rid of that *mind junk*. I am trying...really I am! There are a few more things that I would like to work on, just not ready to post them just yet.


I am going to be participating in the 365--Photo a Day event again this year. LATE (of course...that is my style HA). I am determined to better my photography this year, I am going to work MY BUTT of this year, so by the beginning of NEXT year, I can say I am in business!

Other stuff:

Currently, I am reading "Total Money Make-Over" by Dave Ramsey. The information is really great and has been pretty useful for me. Somethings I read and just say *DUH*--like it is obvious but I just never put it into perspective! It is exciting, to think of the potential and I hope to have a lot more to show for all the hard night shift hours I am working.

So, those are my goals and I am sticking to them!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Holidays!

Down to the last final days and I am rushing around like a mad woman (as usual). While, the kids gifts are pretty much packaged and ready to be ripped apart I still have so much more gift shopping to do. I am one of those crazies that is out shopping on Christmas Eve. However, I work Christmas Eve night so I am on a even tighter schedule this year! Really, I need to get my butt in gear!!

Our Christmas cards were sent and have been received...WHEW!! That was a toughy to get all the kids in a good mood long enough to get a pic...LOL...kinda--sorta. Haven't seen too much of the sun the last few weeks so the lighting was BA-HAD! It was just an all around BAD time by all. So, next year I vow to do everything different and I think it will make us all happy! I am just glad I was able to get them out this year. It has been hit or miss the past few years! I have gotten so many beautiful cards this year! I am so grateful to all who have sent us Holiday wishes!

We are having dinner here. I enjoy cooking and having my family gather at my home. It is something I look forward to every year! So, my house is all decorated (see our tree up there?!) and ready to go. JUST have some tidying up to with natural disasters (aka the kids) makes it a little hard to keep a clean home at all times!

Just some pics of the kiddies by the Christmas Tree...

Hope everyone has a lovely Holiday and Happy New Year! Are you ready? It will be here and then be gone before we know it. ENJOY it!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let's talk trash!

Trash Ties that is! "The coolest new hair thingie" by Heather Bailey. I have several boxes on order (for gifts and for myself)--can't wait to try them out! My hair is seriously annoying! It is super fine and just doesn't do anything I want it to do! I was ready to chop it off until I read that Heather Bailey FINALLY released her long awaited Trash Ties! They come in 2 sizes and multiple colors! Endless styling possibilities!! Check out the website...and even better check out Heather's blog for some creative inspiration! :) (her link is also available in my "it's stalkerific" files...LOL!!).

Check them out!! If you try them please let me know how you like them!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gearing up for the holidays...

I attempted some pics today for our family Christmas card (which is quickly approaching and I am moving at a snail pace these days!). It was a challenge...the sun was nearly down so I had very little lighting. The room is crowded because we have the tree up, so we were squished. It wasn't planned very well. SOOO...gonna attempt one more before I make a final decision. But I really liked this one...because. O.M.G. They were all looking in the same directions...LOL!!

As I mentioned previously, our tree is up! Most of the decorations are up! We had a beautiful day today so hubby finished up the yard (the leaves are finally gone). SOO, the outside decorations should be up by the weekend. The kids are so excited! Despite the yucky cold weather, this is definitely a cheerful time of year!!

I am hoping to get all my shopping done early this year. HOPING. I am not a big crowd person, so shoppping for me this time of year is a BIG CHORE!! I might just utilize the internet this year. That sounds soo nice!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

YAY Team Helio!!

Don't watch much TV but I am a loyal fan of Dancing with the Stars. I look forward to it every week! I am so excited to see that Helio has advanced to the FINALS!! YAY. He has been my favorite to win since the very beginning. He is just so much fun to watch and is honest to goodness an all around great person!--to see him win would be so wonderful! He is the only one that doesn't have ANY performing experience what-so-ever. He has overcome that and IMHO has excelled beautifully!

Congrats Helio and Julianne for making the finals. You deserve it :) I can't wait for next week (though I will be working--my DVR is SET).