Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gearing up for the holidays...

I attempted some pics today for our family Christmas card (which is quickly approaching and I am moving at a snail pace these days!). It was a challenge...the sun was nearly down so I had very little lighting. The room is crowded because we have the tree up, so we were squished. It wasn't planned very well. SOOO...gonna attempt one more before I make a final decision. But I really liked this one...because. O.M.G. They were all looking in the same directions...LOL!!

As I mentioned previously, our tree is up! Most of the decorations are up! We had a beautiful day today so hubby finished up the yard (the leaves are finally gone). SOO, the outside decorations should be up by the weekend. The kids are so excited! Despite the yucky cold weather, this is definitely a cheerful time of year!!

I am hoping to get all my shopping done early this year. HOPING. I am not a big crowd person, so shoppping for me this time of year is a BIG CHORE!! I might just utilize the internet this year. That sounds soo nice!



Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!! Thanks for the comments!! I don't get very many so when I do it's like "yay!!" :) Your little ones are SO CUTE...and VICTORY they all looked at the same time!! :) Why are our own family pics so hard/stressful?? More pressure?? I am not sure..anyway, your pic is great!! How are you feeling? Back to work etc?? The internet for shopping sounds SO good!! :)

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

that is a wonderful picture!! :) i love it.
i keep putting off trying to take a picture of my kids or a family pic for our christmas cards cuz it seems like it will be such a chore.
even if you don't get a chance to take another one, this one is great! :) you have a beautiful family.