Friday, November 2, 2007

Gym Membership!

FINALLY! I have been meaning to get a gym membership for the last few weeks now and today I finally took the plunge! I am so extremely excited! Lately, I have been feeling so drained and just BLAH! Really, I feel so out of shape! This is my push! I want this, I need this! Not just to get my body looking somewhat nice again, but for my health and well being. My first day will be tomorrow. Gonna take it slow of course and see what my body can handle at this point. Then, once I get kicking again, I am going to take some spinning courses. I have always wanted to do this. I have 20 free sessions so I am going to definitely take advantage of it!

I took a picture of myself today. For reference and for encouragement! I am going to try to take a new pic every month and see if I can tell a difference. In a few months, MAYBE if I am looking a little better, I will post a before and after. AHHA. I still have 25lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am nursing so I KNOW I will probably retain at least 5 of that so I am putting 20lbs as my goal weight! So, no more excuses! I have the means, I have the pictures to show I NEED this. I can do this!!

I am soo pumped! WAHOO.

Happy November!

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mama k said...

Congrats on the new gym membership. Nursing and eating well helped me drop a lot of weight pretty quickly. But exercise should give you that extra boost.

Thanks for stopping by!