Monday, November 19, 2007

Proud Momma!!

Alison's first marking period has ended for Kindergarten! We had our first parent-teacher meeting on Friday. I have to say that I am so proud at my little Kindergarten-er! She received quite a few *G*s (good) and the rest were *S*s (satisfactory). I was most impressed at her reading level! Her teacher said she in the highest reading level in the class (along with 3 other kids) and is about ready to move up to level 3! WoW!! All those days/nights of reading and reading books with her is certainly paying off!!

Her teacher said she is a "teacher's dream student". Well, if that doesn't make a momma proud!! Teacher says she is very attentive, she comprehends very quickly and is able to follow directions. Her reading journal is soo awesome! It was so neat to see the things she writes. Everything Alison wrote in her journal was phonetically-spelled correctly. Alison is always asking how to spell things and asking what this and that spells. I alway try to get her to sound it out before I help her. She is also BIG into syllables. LOL. We pretty much play that game everyday! I could probably take some lessons from her. LOL.

She also won the Star Student of the Month award for October. Her award was Responsibility which was for: "taking her daily routines seriously and doing her work neatly, and doing tasks without too many reminders".

I am just so proud of her! YAY ALI!!!

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