Thursday, November 8, 2007

Didn't get to see Rachael :(

We attempted to see Rachael Ray's cooking demonstration yesterday. Unfortunately, the line was way too long and it was way too cold to sit out there with 4 little ones. So, sadly we missed out! Alison was so upset. She loves watching the Food Network with me and Rachael's 30-minute Meals is one of our faves! WE DID however get to see her up-close. We were trying to leave the mall when a few *VIP-looking* people walked by us. I wasn't paying attention and felt someone bump into me. Not really bothered considering the crowd, I looked over and saw the back of her (Rachael Ray). My sister says "She touched your butt!!". AHAHAH. OMG Rachael Ray was the one who bumped into me! AHAHAH..>I was so out of it, it took me a second to realize. Ahh well. I got to see her show last year (first row baby) and I just might have to take another trip to see her again! I am disappointed, I know it was probably a great event, next time, I know to be there extra extra early!

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Camille said...

oh what a bummer :( sorry you didn't get to see it but quite understandable seeing as you have 4 little ones!!