Monday, October 15, 2007

Joy Of Cooking!

Last December my sisters and I were VERY fortunate to grab up some tickets to The Rachael Ray Show in New York.--So much fun, my favorite city and one of my favorite cooking celebrities! You can't beat it! The show was filmed during the holiday season so of course "Ray Ray" was giving away numerous items. We were lucky enough to be there when she gave away the latest edition of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. This thing is awesome! I put it away over the Summer and completely forgot about it til yesterday. I whipped it out and have found some awesome recipes that I would like to try!!

I haven't made up my menu for this week yet. I am behind. I haven't been feeling so great. I am waiting for the doc to call in the abx rx and hopefully they got the message that I am nursing...UGH, I would hate to take something that isn't safe! So, I plan on stocking up on lots of yogurt! OY!

The girls have a dentist appt today. Gonna be fun with all 4 kiddies. I just hope today is a good behaving day...LOL ;)

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Camille said...

How lucky to get to go to her show. I LOVE Rachel Ray. DH just bought me her pots & pans for our anniv :) they are WONDERFUL!
LMK how that cookbook is. I have a much older version and like it.
Have you tried one of RR's cook books? She has some pretty easy but good things to make that my kids enjoy :)
Good Luck at the dentist!