Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween, Halloween...Trick-or-Treat!

"Our costumes can't be beat!". To quote a little cartoon 5 year old--the one and only Dora the Explorer. LOL. Anyways. We finally have all the kids costumes! I am so excited about Halloween: one of my favorite holidays. Gonna try to get some pics today...

Alison: Cheerleader (I cant' believe she STILL wants to be a cheerleader after all this time!).

Holly: Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Got a great deal at the Disney store--costumes are 40% off...and they had TONS...yeah!).

Chase: Donald Duck (my most favorite cartoon character EVER..OMG it is soo stinkin cute!! OH and another good deal!!).

Charlotte: Ladybug

I bought a costume yesterday but have to return it because...*blush* doesnt' fit. EEK. SO need to start working on getting this body back in shape. WHEW! Hopefully, I can return it. I was going to be Corpse Bride. IT is such an awesome costume. Unfortunately, it is a "one size fits MOST adults" LOL. So, they dont have a bigger size. I feel so not average right about now. LOL!!

Have a great day! and weekend!



Chevy said...

Yehy! How fun! I loooove Donald Duck too :0)
I can't wait to see the photos of the kids all dressed up. I took a few of Brodie the other day in half of his costume.. zombie. lol I didn't do his makeup all up, but we got all the gear on him. He loved it.
I am not getting a costume this year.. for the first time EVER! I am almost sad. But I have no idea what to expect over the next few weeks and I certainly don't want to purchase a maternity costume and then not be able to use it, you know? lol
And don't worry about you.. you look fabulous!!! I am so scared to have my belly deflate at this point. lmbo It is going to be UH-GLY! lol
Love to you and the kiddos!

Dee said...

average is very overrated! Am loving your blog!