Friday, October 5, 2007

Changing Blogs AGAIN..

I am all over the web these days. But I have finally settled down into a new blog. I hate to start new but it was for the best. :)

So things are going well with the new addition to our family. Charley is 4 weeks old today. Time is just going too fast. She has her 1 month check up on Tuesday. Anxious to see how much she has grown. She is so super long none of her newborn clothes fit anymore. So she is wearing 0-3 months now and they fit her perfectly lengthwise.

We are starting to get adjusted to a whole new routine and things are less chaotic. Charley is starting to cluster feed before she settles down for the night. Which is great because she is starting to sleep a little longer before waking in the middle of the night. I am just dreading the nights when hubby goes back to shift work. Trying to put Charley to bed while 3 other kids run amok in the house....OY! it won't be pretty :) I think the little man is going to be the hardest to settle down...we will see how long I can go before I pull my hair out! LOL!! My plan is to put Mr. Man to sleep first. I might have to utilize the swing for Charley for a few minutes while I get him settled in...we will see.

I will soon be heading back to work--makes me sad just thinking about it. I know I will be in tears the day I go back. I gathered all my pump stuff today and it is now ready for *active duty*...LOL. Have to start preparing a stock of pumped milk for when I go back. The greatest thing about working nights is that I won't need to pump as often during my shift.

So, nothing too exciting going on in our little part of the world. Getting excited for Halloween. Miss A is going to be a cheerleader. H isn't sure yet, but has a few ideas (yeh I know...we have to get crackin). I am thinking Mr. Man might be a football player. Still undecided about Charley also. I will most likely just get her a little Pea bunting or something. I might wait to see the possible weather scenario before deciding. We have a couple of Halloween parties to attend. They are my favorite! There is just something exciting about getting dressed up and gathering together with other *disguisers*--Even as an adult I can enjoy it :) I will have to post some pics once we have all of our costumes decided on.

Wednesday is my post-partum check up. Hopefully, I get the clearance to start exercising. I want to get started on the goal I set for myself a while ago. Which is to train for a 5k race and be ready by September of next year (2008). Don't know yet how I am gonna work it around the kiddies and work and hubby's work-I am just hopeful I can work something out.

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Camille said...

Glad things are going well and I got your new blog. I liked the other one!! But I use blogger as well. It's user friendly for me.
Can't believe the baby is a month already. Time goes by way too fast.