Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Doctors visit for 2!

Chase and Charley both had their check-ups today! They are doing wonderfully and it was pretty uneventful.

Charley (at 1 month) weights 10lbs, 4oz and is 22.5 inches long. She was 8lbs, 4oz when we left the hospital--1 month ago today. (her birth stats: 8lbs, 15oz and 21 inches)

Chase (at 18months) is 25lbs, 10oz and 32.5 inches tall. I actually thought he weighed more then that...my scale was way off!! He weighs more then Holly (who is 3 years old) and is very close in height. He is a nice size chunk...LOL!!

My biggest challenge today is What is for dinner? I have some chicken thawing...just don't know what to do with it. I hope I can get back to doing my menu planning next week. UGH the money we have been spending on take out is horrendous. I dislike thinking about it. I can't wait to get back into keeping an organized menu and budget! :)

Have a great night!!


Chevy said...

Uhg.. the meal planning. I hate it. lol But I love the fact that when I take the time to sit down and do it, we save TONS of money! I just have not been into cooking lately.. Tonight is Kid Cuisine. lmbo Brodie has soccer, so it is just easier to do something like that.
I can't believe how big Mr. Chase is! He is growing like a champ :0) As is Charlotte!
Great update!!

Rosie and Ryan said...

Heather!! I found you! I was worried when I clicked on your link and it was...GONE!! Thank goodness I went back and looked at my comments (just checking..you know to see if anyone well..commmented?? ;) and clicked on your name and there was your new blog! Yay!! I like your new look! I am trying to figure out how and what to do for a custom banner. Anyway, you go girl, it sounds like everything is going well. Glad to hear you're healed up well. How DO you do it with 4??