Monday, October 8, 2007

1 month old!

Charley turned 1 month yesterday! So hard to believe it has been 1 month already. I resent how quickly time is passing! I took this picture on Saturday. She wasn't exactly 1 month yet, but I didn't take any yesterday.
Charley is starting to get use to being on her belly, though she will only last a few minutes. She actually managed to roll over onto her side the other day. She was much happier there. LOL. Holding her head up pretty well also. ( I love seeing baby's faces when they hold up their heads and start looking around. They just get the cutest expression--like they are completely in awe of the world they get so see from that angle). She is smiling quite a bit more now (I swear she smiled at me from just a few days old...she has been so consistent with it).

I am feeling great! I have healed up nicely (after a scare the other day--that is another story). And I feel energetic. Which is so surprising! Nighttime has been good. She actually slept for 8 hours last night and 6 the last few nights before that. It is nice to have a good chunk of sleep. We will see how long this lasts :) I know things will change once I go back to work. That is the only BAD thing about working nights. It throws everyone out of whack!

Alison is off school today. Another hot day is for casted (I love Falls like this). I was thinking of going to the park today but we will see.

Have a great week :)


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

awww, she is precious!

why do you keep blog hopping? :oP

Chevy said...

A whole month! Wow! I can't believe it either. She is absolutely gorgeous though. Glad to hear that you are getting more sleep time at night.. that must be awesome :0)
Good luck going back to work in a few weeks. You truely are Super Mom. I don't know how you do it. lol